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OFL Season 1 Week 3 Recap

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Welcome to Week 3 of the OFL Media Center’s coverage of the Olympian Football League! This week, we saw NJFC travel to Izuna FC, the Olympian Patriots host Dream FC, and FC San Juan face off against Morgana FC.

Izuna FC 2:1 NJFC
In a matchup of the two teams at the bottom of the standings, we saw Izuna FC host NJFC. Both teams came out energized but were both playing with too much pressure on themselves in the first half. From the opening whistle, the play was sloppy and rushed, with many mistakes by both teams. After the halftime break, the coaches must have gotten through to the players to play relaxed and good things will happen. In rapid succession, we had the first two goals of the match. In the 60’, a long cross from an NJFC winger caught a forward in stride, who in two touches was in shooting position from directly over the penalty spot. He would bury the chance with a strike to the lower left corner of the goal blowing past the Izuna keeper who was just too slow, but there was little he could do. Almost immediately after, in the 64’, a shot bounced off a defender’s legs into the lap of an Izuna midfielder, who put the chance past the keeper in the middle right of the goal. Finally, in the 79’, an Izuna forward dribbled past two NJFC defenders to set up a chance, where it was shot between the keepers legs into the goal. Izuna would win the game at 2-1.

Olympian Patriots 2:1 Dream FC
Next, we saw the Olympian Patriots take on Dream FC. In a similar come-from-behind fashion, Dream FC took the early lead with a headed ball past a motionless keeper at the 28’ mark. After the break, the Patriots scored on a corner-kick header in the 60’ and a rocket off the foot of the Patriot’s left winger at the 70’ mark. In stoppage time, Izuna FC nearly drew the game at 2 goals apiece, but an excellent save by the Patriot’s keeper and a good clear by a defender was followed by the final whistle, giving the Patriot’s the win 2-1.

FC San Juan 0:2 Morgana FC
In the night game of the week, Morgana FC travelled to FC San Juan. Morgana must have wanted revenge from last week’s loss and they came out strong, with a goal in the 18’. In an homage to the “total football” age of yesteryear, the ball was passed eight times between four players within 30 meters of goal, before a thoroughly outmaneuvered keeper chose one player to focus on, and with a final pass to an open midfielder, Morgana scored an easy goal. After the break, FC San Juan put two balls on target, but were both saved fairly easily but Morgana’s keeper. In the 70’, a Morgana winger ran nearly the length of the field up the right hand side before playing a cross in front of the net. A keeper punch out landed at the feet of Morgana player, and one pass and shot later, the ball was in the back of the net. Morgana would keep this lead until the end and win 0-2.

In the standings, the Patriots are the new league leaders at 7 points, with Morgana closely behind with 6. Following them are Dream, Izuna, and San Juan with 4 points, which is only one win back from the lead. Sitting at the bottom of the standings are NJFC, who need a big next weekend to remain relevant in the race for first.

In a very busy weekend, we have 6 games to present to you next Saturday! In Session 1, we have FC San Juan hosting NJFC. This could be a good chance for San Juan to get near the top of the rankings again, while NJFC need a win to stay in contention. Following that match we see Izuna FC travel to Dream FC in a match between teams 3 points back. A win puts them in at worst second place in the standings, so both teams will be motivated. In the night game and our Game of the Week, we have Morgana FC hosting the Olympian Patriots. A win for the Patriots puts them at least a game ahead of every other team in the standings, while a Morgana win gets them back atop the standings.

In Session 2, we will see the Olympian Patriots face FC San Juan, Morgana FC face Izuna FC, and NJFC host Dream FC. We will not speculate on the importance of each game as we won’t know the results from Session 1, but suffice it to say that every team needs a win, whether it be to solidify a standings lead, to reign in the leader, or to remain in contention.

Thank you for joining us this week, and we’ll see you again next Saturday for 6 games of OFL action!
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